How to Read Your Pay Stub

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Beginning with your December 2008 payroll, we have a new and much improved process for printing payroll warrants and automatic deposit (EFT) notifications. As part of the process we have changed the format of your "Earnings and Leave Statement" (pay stub) in an effort to provide you with more information that is easier to understand.

Below is a picture of the newly-designed pay stub with a number in each box. Following the picture is a discussion of the contents of each of these boxes by number. To view a detailed discussion of the contents of a box click the circled number in the box with your left mouse button.

After reviewing the detailed information, if you have any further questions about the information appearing on your pay stub, please use the contact phone number provided in Box 9 of your pay stub. If you have any questions or comments about this web page you may e-mail us feedback by clicking the "Comment on this page" link below.

Picture of Pay Check

Box 1 - Employee Name and ID Number         [Back to Top]
Your name appears here. Below your name are the last four digits of your social security number. For security purposes we have "X"ed out the first five digits.

Box 2 - Federal Tax Withholding Allowance         [Back to Top]
This is your exemption status and number of exemptions for federal income tax from your current form W-4.
      M = Married
      S = Single
The number following the letter code is the number of exemptions you are currently claiming.

Box 3 - State Tax Withholding Allowance         [Back to Top]
This is your exemption status and number of exemptions for state income tax from your current form W-4 or DE-4.
      M = Married
      S = Single
      H = Head of household
The number following the letter code is the number of exemptions you are currently claiming.

Box 4 - Pay Calendar         [Back to Top]
This is used by Payroll to assign employees to designated pay schedules.

Box 5 - Period End Date         [Back to Top]
This is the last day of the month for the pay period.

Box 6 - Issue Date         [Back to Top]
This is the date on which your payroll warrant or automatic deposit was issued. For warrants, this is the first date your warrant can be cashed or deposited. For automatic deposit, this is the day the monies will be available in the bank account you have specified.

Box 7 - Warrant Number         [Back to Top]
This is the sequential number of the warrant. For automatic deposit the word "ADVICE" is printed here.

Box 8 - District and Pay Location         [Back to Top]
Your school district number and name appear here followed by a pay location code and name. The pay location is used by your Payroll Department to distribute warrants and automatic deposit advices. If you work in more than one district in the county you will receive a separate warrant or advice for each district in which you work.

Box 9 - Contact         [Back to Top]
This is the name and phone number to call for any questions you have about your pay. Although the County Office of Education prints the payroll for all districts in Santa Cruz County it is your district's Payroll Department that has the information about how your pay was generated.

Box 10 - Leave Balances         [Back to Top]
These are the balance(s) of Sick Leave, Personal Business, Personal Necessity and/or Vacation. Not all districts choose to print these balances and the balances shown will only include leave information you have submitted. If you have not turned in all your leave information through the "As Of" date then your leave balances may not be accurate.

Box 11 - Gross Earnings         [Back to Top]
This area itemizes your total earnings for the current pay period.

Box 12 - Type         [Back to Top]
This is a code used to define the type of pay you are receiving. Not all codes are applicable to all employees or districts.

Some common types are:
      NML - Any pay type beginning with the letters "NML" is your Normal pay
      ADD1, ADD2, ADD3, ADD4 - Used for a variety of additional pay in excess of the employee's normal pay
      DOCT - Stipend for holding a doctorate degree
      DPT1, DPT2 - Stipend for department chair
      LONG - Longevity pay
      MAST - Stipend for holding a master's degree
      OT-2 - Overtime pay
      OUTC - Out of classification pay
      PROF - Professional growth pay
      RET - Retroactive pay adjustments
      SHFT - Additional percentage of salary such as shift pay, bilingual and responsibility factors
      STU1, STU2 - Pay to student workers
      VACR - Vacation pay to classified employees who do not accrue vacation

Box 13 - Unit         [Back to Top]
This is the type of unit pay. HR is for hour(s), DAY for day(s) or LMP for lump-sum payments.

Box 14 - No Units         [Back to Top]
This is the number of hours or days paid.

Box 15 - Rate         [Back to Top]
This is the rate of pay for each unit paid.

Box 16 - Earnings         [Back to Top]
The amount of earnings for the pay type on this line.

Box 17 - Total         [Back to Top]
The total of all earnings for this pay period.

Box 18 - Pay, Taxes and Deductions         [Back to Top]
This area itemizes the amounts deducted from your gross pay to arrive at your net pay.

*Gross Pay - This is the total of your earnings for the period and is always listed first. This is the same number as in Box 17

Following the Gross Pay are any pre-tax deductions such as TAX SHELTER, SEC 125/CAFETERIA PLAN and employee paid RETIREMENT contributions.

Taxable Gross - This is your total earnings for the period that are subject to taxes.

Taxes are itemized following your taxable gross amount.

Any other post-tax deductions; such as dues, charity, savings bonds, etc are totaled next.

If applicable, next is your deferred net pay contribution for this pay period as well as the balance-to-date.

**Net Pay** - This is the amount of your warrant or EFT for this pay period.

PAID PERS RETIREMENT will show if your PERS contribution is district-paid. This does not affect your net pay.

Box 19 - Current         [Back to Top]
This is the amount for the current pay period for each item listed in Box 18.

Box 20 - Year to Date         [Back to Top]
This is the calendar year-to-date amounts for each item listed in Box 18.

Box 21 - Warnings         [Back to Top]
A message appears here when your current Tuberculosis (TB) test is about to expire. Be sure to look at this box each pay period.

Box 22 - Messages and Notes         [Back to Top]
This box is used to communicate important payroll information to you. Please be sure to read any messages in this box each pay period!

Box 23 - Deductions and Contributions         [Back to Top]
This box contains your deductions subtracted from your pay as well as any fringe benefits your employer (district) pays for you.

Box 24 - Employee         [Back to Top]
This is the amount that is subtracted from your gross pay or from your taxable gross. You pay this amount.

Box 25 - Employer         [Back to Top]
This amount is paid for you by your district. It is for information only and does not affect your pay.

Box 26 - Total Employee         [Back to Top]
This is the total amount of your deductions itemized above for this pay period.

Box 27 - Total Employer         [Back to Top]
This is the total district paid amount for this pay period.

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